Sitemap is actually a map of website. A sitemap is either an XML or HTML file that contains all the URLs of the pages inside your blog. While HTML sitemap helps your visitors to navigate through your blog, an XML sitemap helps the search engine crawlers the same way.
When Google crawlers go around the web indexing new web pages in its database, new blogs are usually missed out as only a few or no sites are linking to them as well as they’re not aware of sitemap thing.

When you submit an XML sitemap to Google Webmasters, it helps search engine crawlers to find all the URLs on your website and add it to their database. There are various parts of a sitemap that affect the crawling rate of your blog, such as the size of your sitemap, the number of URLs in your sitemap, indexing priority of pages on our blog, updating frequency, etc.

In Blogger, we know at least two type of sitemap.
Page Sitemap : is our Static page sitemap

Blog Post Sitemap : is our post item or article sitemap.

There is another type of sitemap  that we can submit as sitemap which is usually used most often, Atom 1.0

The name Atom applies to a pair of related Web standards. The Atom Syndication Format is an XML language used for web feeds, while the Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub or APP) is a simple HTTP-based protocol for creating and updating web resources.


Atom.XML have limited entry at 500 post, so if we have 1000 post, then we have to divide it into two part.
Atom.XML Part 2

Google and Bing also supports several sitemap formats such as Atom and RSS Feed, described at Google Search Control Help and Bing Webmaster How To. Google expects the standard sitemap protocol in all formats.

Known List Atom and RSS Feed in Blogger.

Full Site Feed
Atom 1.0:
RSS 2.0:

Comment Feed
Atom 1.0:
RSS 2.0:

Label-specific site feed:
To get a feed for a specific label, change [label] with yours.

Atom 1.0:[label]
RSS 2.0:[label]?alt=rss
Individual post comment feed
Note: You can find the postId of an individual post from the post editor. postId will be displayed in browser’s status bar.

Atom 1.0:
RSS 2.0:

Google have limit in single sitemap, is up to 50MB (uncompressed) file size and 50,000 URLs. If you have a larger file or more URLs, you will have to break your list into multiple sitemaps like atom xml sitemap above which slit into two part.

Customize your Blogger feed

To enable or disable the site feed(s) for your blog, first go to the Settings > Other tab. Once there, you can select how much of your content you want to show:

  • Full will put the entire content of each post in your site feed.
  • Short only includes an excerpt from the beginning of each post.
  • Until Jump Break shows all post content before your jump break.
  • None turns your site feed off entirely. For more, advanced options, you can select “Custom.”

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