Data View is indicating the current view of the Blog. Usually used with a conditional expression as in <b:if> tag because most of the type is boolean, that's mean the value is either 'True' or 'False'.
Expression Type Data Meaning number Day of the current archive page. e.g. 17.
data:view.archive.month number The month of the current archive page. e.g. 8
data:view.archive.year number Year of the current archive page. e.g. 1945
data:view.description string Description of the current pageview.
data:view.featuredImage image Featured image for the current page or post.
data:view.isArchive boolean Indicating Archive feed.
data:view.isError boolean The current view is 404 or error page.
data:view.isHomepage boolean The current view is Homepage.
data:view.isLabelSearch boolean The current view is the Label page.
data:view.isMultipleItems boolean A page view is contained multiple posts, eg, Search, Label, Homepage, etc.
data:view.isMobile boolean A pageview has parameter m=1.
data:view.isPage boolean is Showing a Blog Static Page.
data:view.isPost boolean is Showing a Single Post.
data:view.isPreview boolean In preview mode.
data:view.isSearch boolean All page contain word 'search' in the URL.
data:view.isSingleItem boolean is a Single item, wether is the single post or static page.
data:view.pageId number The id of the static page.
data:view.postId number The id of the post. string Used for filtering label of the current view. string Used for filtering search keyword. string The message about the search results being shown. string A message about the result with HTML Link.
data:view.title string Title of the current view.
data:view.url url The URL of the current view.

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