data is an attribute to define dataset to be forwarded to the child node. The value of this attribute can be expression or an object.

Blogger Attribute [data] Syntax

Object with expression
data='{ alias: 'EXPRESSION' }'
Object with STRING dataset
data='{ alias: ["STRING1",[STRING2"] }'

  • This attribute found in tag <b:include> and forwarded to <b:includable>.
  • alias is the data name to be forwarded to child. If the name is 'alias' so in the child it will be processed to data:alias.
  • Used multiple alias must be separated by comma.

Examples Writing data attribute

Take from parent and forward to child
<b:include data='post' name='foo'/>

Forward data set to child
<b:include data='{ post: data:foo }' name='bar'/>

Single data string
<b:include data='{ foo: "bar" }' name='item'/>

Multiple data string
<b:include data='{ foo: ["Qux","Quux"] }' name='list'/>

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