A data type is a classification of the type of data. this knowledge is indeed not mandatory for a blogger, but for those who want or design the look for their Blogger template, this section becomes important.

Not like Human, a computer does not know the different between "1,2,3" which is the type of number, and "one, two, three" which type of String (Character) that's why we must reference it and used it correctly. Each data type is different in its writing method to be applied in the XML section of Blogger.

List of Data Type

Type Meaning Writing
STRING Represent text "string"
BOOLEAN A Boolean value. include true|false|yes|no true
NUMBER A numerical value. 2018
OBJECT An of Group of object. {"item1","item2","item3"}
ARRAY Data set that contains a group of elements.
Can be an array of objects, strings, booleans, etc.
URL Uniform resource locator, the address of the page "https://blog_name.blogspot.com/"

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