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API stands for Application Programming Interface. The idea is to have our web or application to talk directly to the server with the given detail command. In short explanation, API is the agent who tells the service provider, that client needs this or that. Sometimes, in the XML template is found Javascipt code for displaying post summary, this … Show Full Article»

Data View is indicating the current view of the Blog. Usually used with a conditional expression as in <b:if> tag because most of the type is boolean, that's mean the value is either 'True' or 'False'. Expression Type Data Meaning number Day of the current archive page. e.g. 17. dat… Show Full Article»

The Open Graph protocol is a set of tags that allows a webmaster to provide social networks with detailed information about the pages to share. The search engines also use this protocol to better understand the content of a web page. Originally created by Facebook, now the OpenGraph protocol managed by the OpenWeb Foundation . Show Full Article»
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