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Breadcrumbs is a navigation menu that is usually above the title of a blog post or website. Usually in the form of a link starting at home or the main page followed by the label then the heading of the post that was opened. Breadcrumbs are quite important as a supporting factor for SEO on a blog because with breadcrumbs we can inform visitors abou… Show Full Article»

Blogger has a variety of URL representations, for example for Archives and Posts. A post will get a URL format like .../year/month/post.html , if we omit /post.html , then it will be .../year/month an Archive page. Each page can generally be accessed by a bot then processed by it, such as for example a Google bot can index the page and then displ… Show Full Article»

Google Search Console, formerly is Google Webmasters is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor and maintain your site's presence in Google Search results. You don't have to sign up for Search Console for your site to be included in Google's search results, but doing so can help you understand how Google views your site… Show Full Article»

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS, in short, is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML. At least, we as bloggers need to have a bit of knowledge about CSS and HTML. Now we will briefly describe changing the appearance of our blog design, whether it changes the position of a bl… Show Full Article»

404 page is kind of page type that will be shown where visitor landing on the wrong page URL. On some scenario, it will happen if we have deleted a post and visitor still got the link from somewhere. by default, when we're not activating or create error 404 page, a status text message will show as below Sorry, the page you are looking fo… Show Full Article»

Image uploaded to the Blog is stored at Google Album Archive . We can manage setting or delete our image content from there. To manage Video uploaded to our Blogs, we can go to Settings and then Other, Under "Import & back up," find "Videos from our blog" and click Manage your videos as the Blog admin, or at Settings and … Show Full Article»

Breadcrumb trail or A breadcrumb is an element frequently used as a navigational aid in programs, even website or blogs. It allows users to keep track of and maintain their awareness of locations within programs, documents, or websites, or blogs. In a website, Breadcrumbs typically appear horizontally across the top of a Web page, often below … Show Full Article»

Minification refers to the method of removing unnecessary or redundant data while not affecting how the resource is processed by the browser - e.g. code comments and data formatting, removing unused code, using shorter variable and function names, and so on. When it comes to generating a page or running a script, internet browsers aren’t concern… Show Full Article»

Search engines will have a tough time understanding the content on our blogs. This can be wherever structured data is very important and comes into play. Structured data allows search engines to not only crawl our website, but to really understand the content on our blogs by generating rich snippets, that area unit pieces of information which wi… Show Full Article»

JSON-LD or JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data, is a lightweight Linked Data format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is based on the already successful JSON format and provides a way to help JSON data inter-operate at Web-scale. In terms of SEO, JSON-LD is implemented by leveraging the vocabulary, which is a collabo… Show Full Article»

In General term, the featured image is images that are will be displayed only at our post summary. Its not visible by a visitor if he visits a post which has featured image, but we can call it to appear on a widget like a thumbnail, or a popular post with thumbnail by calling his data tag. Blogger does not have any command or expression to let u… Show Full Article»

To fix mixed content problems if we already have so much many of posts in our blog it's really troublesome, because we have to look for any posts that contain mixed content problems and fix them one by one. Mixed content generally occurs when we insert an address with an http prefix like in an IFRAME, IMG or Script tag or also in the CSS l… Show Full Article»

Blogger Cookies notification bar is popup that will show up if our blog being accessed inside Europe Country Region. This bar come up as follow up GDPR which stand for General Data Protection Regulation and and is data protection law in the EU, which comes into force from May 2018. The aim of the GDPR is to give citizens of the EU control over… Show Full Article»

GDPR which stand for General Data Protection Regulation. It's data protection law in the EU, which comes into force from May 2018. In short, GDPR states if a website collects or stores personal data related to an EU (europe) citizen, we must comply with the following: Tell the user who you are, why you collect the data, and how long it wil… Show Full Article»

When visiting a secure web page (i.e., using HTTPS), our connection is encrypted with SSL . If the HTTPS page also includes content retrieved from a regular HTTP connection, the connection is only partially encrypted. This called a web page with mixed content. If our website delivers HTTPS pages, all active mixed content delivered via HTTP on th… Show Full Article»
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