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Lambda or Arrow => It is used in lambda expressions treated as object to separate the input body from the lambda body on the right side. In Blogger, lambda expression is a nested operation to allow us to apply rules to whole sets of data (labels, posts, or comments, etc), rather than just individual instances. Show Full Article»

The logical operators of Blogger are used to comparing a Boolean values, the result will returns as Boolean value. The concept of logical operators is simple. They allow a program to make a decision based on multiple conditions. Each operand is considered a condition that can be evaluated to a true or false value. Show Full Article»

An arithmetic operator is a mathematical function that takes numerical values as their operands and return a single numerical value. The Blogger arithmetic operators are addition + , subtraction - , multiplication * , division / and modulo % . Also plus operator + is Concatenate operator that can joint two expression. Show Full Article»

A comparison operator is a binary operator that takes two operands whose values are being compared. Comparison operators are used in conditional statements,  where the result of the comparison decide whether execution should proceed. They form the key to program flow control, known as conditional processing. The result returns a Boolean value. Show Full Article»

?: or ternary condition is the only operator that takes three argument. Like the Selectors, the first is a comparison argument, the second is the result upon a true comparison, and the third is the result upon a false comparison. This operator is frequently used as a shortcut for the if / else statement. An expression Baz ? Foo : Bar will ev… Show Full Article»
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